What to do to protect your home before a hurricane?


How protect your home from a hurricane?

When a hurricane is projected to hit an area and the authorities issue an evacuation order. You might have little or no time to prepare your home and ensure all your belongings remain safe.

Mostly, the warning bells seldom help much as the confusion and helter-skelter runs leave many running with the little salvageable belongings.

You could anticipate the arrival of the hurricane and plan and roll out all the methods that could help protect your home from a hurricane.

The sooner and creative you work to harden your home, safety-proof the surrounding and even install impact-resistant doors and windows, the less likely your home will suffer heavy damages. Consider doing the following:

Storm-Guard It

To fortify your house and ensure it withstands the nasty hurricane, start by inspecting it in detail.

You will repair:

  • Broken gutters or find someone to repair.
  • Renovate or strap down the roof
  • Install head and foot bolts and caulk around doors, windows, and any other openings.

It is an easy task as it is pretty much like ensuring the house stable and no water that can damage your assets gets in.

Install impact doors and windows

In an area close to the ocean, like Miami, hurricanes can be devastating. However, to limit the effects, you may simply install impact windows and doors instead of using plywood.

Impact doors are a lot more reliable and will keep water from gaining entry. Impact windows don’t break the conventional way and come in handy in dealing with the destructive winds and ferocious storms.

Assess your wind insurance cover

Though home insurance policies vary, you will have to consider evaluating your wind insurance coverage. Some insurers do insure against wind damages as a separate policy, and so, you will need to inquire and ensure the home is insured, and the best time to do it is ahead of time – before the warning bell is rung.

Inventory all your belongings

Hurricane storms have no mercy and sweep away everything that stands in their way, including your well-secured home. If the hurricane resistant doors and windows give in and you had secured an insurance against both the wind and the flooding, you will be compensated.

But to be compensated, you must show the evidence to support the claim and get maximum refunds. So, inventory all your belongings ahead of the storms using the insurer’s inventory tool. You can document all the assets by taking photos or video clips.

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Protecting your home from hurricanes, storms and deadly tornadoes ought to be your top priority, that’s why you have to identify the right weaknesses and work toward renovating them.

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