CGI Targa Series 7100

The Targa Series 7100 Single Hung impact window designed by CGI includes a Lift Assist Constant Force Balance System, concealed balances, capture-lock sash system, and recessed tilt latches for unobstructed views.


CGI Targa Series 7100

  • 3 1/4″ frame depth
  • 1/2″ flange frame
  • Aluminum reinforced jamb
  • Sloped sill
  • Capture-lock sash system
  • Lift Assist Constant Force Balance System
  • Snap-on glazing beads
  • Strong structural glazing
  • No installation fasteners required in head or sill
  • Aluminum reinforced sash
  • Extruded screen frame with Super-View fiberglass mesh
Targa series 7100 cgi impact window center SingleHung

Available Finishes


Glass Colors


Glass Types

  • 7/16” Laminated
  • 1” Insulated Laminated

Glass Coatings

Energy Efficient LoE Coatings

  • Notes:
    Lo E coatings exhibit certain color characteristics depending on viewing angles, reflected light and time of day. For example, Cardinal LoE 366 exhibits a greenish hue. When Clear glass is coupled with a LoE 366 coating, during certain times of the day the reflected color can appear green from the outside. This LoE 366 coating offers an excellent combination of thermal performance, visible light transmittance, and value. 
    When heat strengthened glass is used, roller wave distortion is an inherent possibility.

Standard Hardware

  • Recessed Tilt Latches
  • Sweep locks

Optional Items

  • Available in Oriel/ Proview configurations
  • Flange, Fin, and Equal leg frame options
  • Double applied contoured exterior muntins and internal grills between glass


*Sizes shown are for flange frame. Subtract 1” or equal leg frame.
E= Meets clear opening egress requirements at 5.7 sq. ft.


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