CGI Estate Collection Serie 238 – Casement Window

The CGI Estate Collection Serie 238 impact resistant aluminum casement windows have very clean lines and incredible eye appeal. When used with our colonial muntins give the appearance of wood but with the added advantage of quality aluminum construction.

CGI’s impact resistant 238 series of casements, project-out / awning and fixed windows have matching sightlines which allows them to be used interchangeably throughout your home. CGI’s Estate Collection casements also come standard with a single action multi-point lock.


  • Extruded screen frame with Super View screen fiberglass mesh
  • Extruded snap on glazing beads (in contoured ogee or contemporary square profiles)
  • Stainless steel assembly screws and corner keys
  • Double weatherstripping
  • 1/2” exterior flange frame
Estate collection serie 238 Casement impact window miami

Available Finishes

Glass Colors


Glass Types

  • 7/16” Laminated
  • 3/4” Insulated Laminated

Glass Coatings

Energy Efficient LoE Coatings

  • Notes:
    Lo E coatings exhibit certain color characteristics depending on viewing angles, reflected light and time of day. For example, Cardinal LoE 366 exhibits a greenish hue. When Clear glass is coupled with a LoE 366 coating, during certain times of the day the reflected color can appear green from the outside. This LoE 366 coating offers an excellent combination of thermal performance, visible light transmittance, and value. 
    When heat strengthened glass is used, roller wave distortion is an inherent possibility.

Standard Hardware

  • Single arm stainless steel roto operator and crank handle
  • Stainless steel operator track
  • Pair of stainless steel 4 bar concealed hinges
  • All stainless steel multi-point lock bars
  • Snubber blocks
  • Nesting Handle

Optional Items

  • 18 PSF waterbar adapter
  • Uneven size vent windows
  • Concealed aluminum reinforcing
  • Clipless mullions
  • Extruded double applied 1” colonial muntins (in standard or custom grids) with Ogee glazing beads only (Not applicable with insulated glass)
  • Muntin grids inside insulated glass
  • Small missile impact resistant option




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