Is your home ready for hurricane window protection?



Hurricane Window Protection: Mitigation Measures to Hurricane-proof your house

Why it’s so important your Window Protection ? The windows of your house will be the first ones to succumb to the storm and how much they will withstand the forces determines how safe your home will be. Forget about the doors; it is the windows that deserve extra attention when preparing the house for the Hurricane because your house perhaps has five, seven, 10 or more windows.

Consider the following mitigation measures:

1) Protect its doors and windows

You may choose to use impact-resistant glass doors or windows because they have been certified and proven, unlike any other choices. Hurricane windows can’t shatter in extreme winds and will undoubtedly the ferocious winds from damaging the inner structures of your home. Sure, they’ll not be a permanent feature by so far, they are the best forms of mitigation.

2) Build a hurricane film

A transparent plastic film is a considerable favorite to supplement the effectiveness of an impact resistant glass window since it is unobtrusive. Also, the film can be part of DIYer’s pre-hurricane prevention measures. While installing it, however, know that most insurers don’t offer discounts for it.

3) Plywood

It’s a commonly effective and inexpensive choice for covering windows, though you’ve got to buy them before the bells are rung. Basically, plywood the size of the window is cut and hammered over the window area from outside. A board that’s 5-8 inches thick held using heavy-duty screws and anchors can be a fantastic choice. This idea, however, has a couple of downsides, including blocking lights and making the house dark.

4) Storm Shutters

They can be a bit more effective than plywood as all a person would need is to pull the shutters into place before the storm arrives. Their only notable demerit – they are somewhat costly, depending on styles and materials selected.

5) Keep the surrounding free from any debris

You can do this a week or a day ahead of the mega downpour. Basically, start by pruning trees nearby and removing dead branches that stand in the way of the winds. Also, remove any structures on the patio and lose items that could be blown around.


Government forecasters may not have predicted the tumultuous and devastating Atlantic Hurricane season just yet. But if you live in the areas near the East Coast, the Caribbean Sea or the Gulf of Mexico don’t just sit pretty and wait for the warning bells. With an average of 11 tropical storms, Hurricane in this regions is as sure as death to strike and anyone who knows this must be ready for the hard-hitting effects of the wind.

It is worth mentioning that you shouldn’t dwell on Window Protection and doors alone. Be sure to check the gutters, roof, and attic and ensure they don’t have any debris. Also, counter-check the garage door to ensure it can withstand the hurricane-force winds. Finally, be safe – if possible, evacuate the demarcated area.

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