Eco-Guard Series 50 – Single Hung


Eco-Guard Series 50 main features:

  • Heavy gauge aluminum alloy 2" profile.
  • A window style that features a vertically sliding
  • 2" frame depth
  • Available in a wide range of sizes
  • Bottom sash locks available for egress and or handicap requirements
  • Block and tackle balances
  • Standard and custom muntin patterns available
  • Download Brochure click here
  • N.F.R.C. Certified ECS-K-8
miami florida impact windows center eco guard serie 50 single-hung

Standard Harware

  • Sweep Locks
  • Double weather stripping
  • Block & tackle balance
  • Stainless Steel assembly screws
  • Extruded snap-on glazing beads


  • Sweep Locks
  • Extruded double applied 1" colonial muntins
  • Egress Sash locks available

Miami-Dade County Approved

  • Complies with Florida Building Code high velocity hurricane zone
  • Miami-Dade County N.O.A. 

Available Aluminum Frame Finished

white bronze color aluminum

Available Panel Configuration

standard sizes custome sizes impact windows center miami

Missile Impact Rating

Our Eco-Guard Series products have been tested and rated for Large and Small Missile Impact. Click Here to see TEST.


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