How to Choose Your Impact Windows

Do consider having impact windows, if you own a condo apartment or business premises in the coastal area or any place prone to hurricanes, tornadoes and straight-line winds. That’s because aside from the beautiful, tropical vibe presented, the overall safety and security of your home dwell significantly on the impact doors and windows selected. As a Read more about How to Choose Your Impact Windows[…]


Are Your Windows and Doors Prepared For an Hurricane?

Are Your Windows and Doors Prepared For an Hurricane, Tornado Or Any Straight-Sweeping Winds? People living in the coastal areas, especially in Florida stand a huge chance of suffering devastating losses in the event of a hurricane or tornado emanating from the sea. If you are one of them or perhaps if you would love Read more about Are Your Windows and Doors Prepared For an Hurricane?[…]


What Is Meant By Impact Windows And Doors?

If you reside in a neighborhood where hurricanes, tornadoes and harsh, rapid and directly sweeping winds are a norm, take the right precautions before the damages hit your home. We’ve seen many people nail plywood over their windows as a creative precautionary measure. But it hasn’t ever proved to the best solution, particularly with the Read more about What Is Meant By Impact Windows And Doors?[…]


It Is Mandatory To Have Impact Windows in Florida?

From lowering your power bills and reducing noise to deterring intruders from breaking in and stealing along with reducing the damages suffered after a devastating storm, Impact windows are awesome. In fact, they are far much better than using plywood or hurricane shutters to mitigate tornadoes and other deadly storms that ravage homes at the Read more about It Is Mandatory To Have Impact Windows in Florida?[…]


What to Do To Protect Your Home before a Hurricane?

When a hurricane is projected to hit an area and the authorities issue an evacuation order, you might have little or no time to prepare the house and ensure all your belongings remain safe. Mostly, the warning bells seldom help much as the confusion and helter-skelter runs leave many running with the little salvageable belongings. Read more about What to Do To Protect Your Home before a Hurricane?[…]

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The Benefits of Impact Windows in Miami, Florida

Are impact windows vital in Florida? The problem with residing in coastal area like Miami Florida is the often severe weather conditions described by frequent hurricanes and tropical storms. Whether you might be building your home or in the process of renovating one; it is a building code requirement to have Impact windows in Miami Read more about The Benefits of Impact Windows in Miami, Florida[…]

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Window and Door Tips

Window and Door Tips Many of our clients find it very difficult to keep track with the ever changing technology of windows and doors. Because of the vast amount of complicated information, replacing your windows and doors can be overwhelming. Before committing to a serious alternation in your property, we would like to clarify the details Read more about Window and Door Tips[…]