Lawson 8700 Hurricane Guard – Horizontal Rolling


Brass rollers with stainless axle for ease of operation. Tubular extruded rails reduce bowing of panels. Unique sill design is anchored with straps. Single-plane weathering eliminates gaps that could permit air leakage. Jamb and vent lock stiles are both weathered to provide the most efficient method of defense against air and water penetration. Aluminum glazing bead provides a strong, clean and neat appearance. Gated weep hole protective cover allows water to escape while preventing insects from entering. Profile aluminum extruded muntin matches the muntins of our other products for visual appeal. Frame depth is 1 7/8”, making it a practical depth to match most commonly available buck sizes. Colonial design featuring profile aluminum muntins on exterior and flat applied muntin on interior.

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8500 horizontal rolling impact window center miami florida lawson


All window members shall be of commercial quality 6063 aluminum hardened to T5 and T6 temper. All frame members shall have a minimum dimension of 1 7/8”, cut and fabricated to form a tight butt or telescoped joint. All frame corners shall be joined by two #8 sheet metal screws. Vertical meeting rails shall be of tubular construction and attached to horizontals with one sheet metal screw per joint. Vent rails shall also be of tubular design and contain integrally extruded pull rails. Vent lock rail shall be fitted with weathering bulb vinyl to seal vent to jamb of frame. Weathering at jamb shall also contain polypropylene pile with transparent vinyl fin. Each vent rail shall contain two 3”-long spring-loaded claw latches that engage with full- length jamb lip to provide positive, secure latching.


Exposed aluminum shall be coated with an electrostatically applied organic finish, meeting the performance requirements of A.A.M.A. 603.5 for pigmented coating. Coating shall have a minimum of 1.0 mil dry film thickness in a white or bronze color.


Sash shall roll on two .437 diameter brass rollers with stainless steel axles. Dual gated weep hole baffles shall reduce “blow back” of water resulting from gusting winds. Vents can be removed from interior for glass cleaning when vent is in the unlocked position only.


When specified, tubular aluminum extruded exterior muntin and flat aluminum interior muntin shall be applied to glass in multitude of standard and custom configurations.




All half screens shall be of rolled aluminum tubular profile and can be applied from the interior without using tools. Screens shall be held firmly in place by integrally extruded stops in sill and meeting rail. Mesh fabric shall be 18” x 16” dark grey fiberglass. Mesh shall be resplindable with plastic material.


All frame and sash members shall accommodate glass in nominal thickness of 1/8”, 3/16”, 1/4” or 1/2” insulated. Glass color shall be as specified.


All frame and sash members shall accommodate glass in nominal thickness of 1/8”, 3/16”, 1/4” or 1/2” insulated. Glass color shall be as specified.

Weather Stripping

Double weather stripping throughout unit shall be water-resistant polypropylene pile and virgin PVC vinyl.


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